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PET Heat Shrinkable Tubes
With environmental protection certification and ability to resist the heat of  130℃, PET heat shrinkable tube is advantageous over ordinary PVC heat shrinkable tubes, for instance, PET more stable,heat resistant,and environmental. PVC contains chlorine and chlorine-bearing substances will gradually banned in Europe and Japan. And PET can completely substitute PVC tubes. Special size or cut pieces are available on Printing is available, like trademark,ingredients...  As outstanding PVC/PE/POF/PETG heat shrinkable suppliers, we offer best quality product. And customization is available. 
PVC Heat Shrinkable Tubes
With functions of  electrical insulation, preventing product cracked, moisture, corrosion and dust , PVC heat shrinkable tubes are usually used to bottles, stationery, hardware,and electric components,such as capacitors, battery, wires...  We offer color printing to increase the product value, or provide trademark printing to raise company awareness.
PE Heat Shrinkable Tubes for General
Widely used in industrial and commercial field, such as electrical insulation, distinguishing from terminals, protecting wires.Also, can bundle the wires and cables.The tubing is soft and thin,can be shrunk at lower temperature quickly. With PE Heat Shrinkable Tubes for General, it can prevent from abrasion, moisture, and have insulation to electric.  Black, white, yellow, green, blue, transparent is available. And offer printing for customization like trademarks...Special size is available on request. Our tubing has UL certification and meets RoHS standards by TUV SGS approval

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